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Learning Resources

Shacharit including Shma (This is a pdf.)

Torah Service 2009 (This is a pdf.)

Amidah First Three Blessings 2012 (This is a pdf.)

(See Note below)

Ein Kamoch, page 1

Vayehi Binsoa, page 1

Shma/Achat, page 3

Processional, page 3

Torah Blessings (Feminine), page 4

Mi SheBeircha for Healing, page 6

Haftarah Blessings (Feminine, adapted), page 8

(NOTE: Nishmat Shalom encourages our participants to realize "The Name" in the way that suits each individual best.
Therefore, you will notice that on these recordings, "The Name" is hummed,
leaving the words open to the listener while demonstrating the melody.)


Service Outlines

Birchot Ha-Shachar/Psukei D'Zimra


Torah Service


Other Stuff

Bibliography on prayer and the siddur