Torah Service Outline  Updated 7/22/2012

The Torah service runs from 11:45 to 12:45.

Items in this outline are marked: Priority #1, or #2 or optional. The leader of the Torah Service should check with the davening coordinator about how many aliyot are prepared, whether a feminist Haftarah is prepared, who is doing what and if there are any occasions for special prayers. In any situation where we have some 'extras' such as the Blessing for the Month, a Baby Naming, or Hallel, leaving out items marked "optional" allows us the time we need to make the service flow smoothly. An asterisk by a page number indicates that the material will be done on an "average" Shabbat.

*Torah Service Page 1:
Ain Kamocha #2
Vayehi Binsoa/Brucha sheNatna/Ki Mitzion #1
Shema/Echad/Gadlu #1

Torah Service Page 2: for weekday festival only

*Torah Service Page 3:
Bei Ana - optional – or--  We Open the Ark (now on the blue page inserted in the binder)—If the Torah service leader chooses this reading, it is up to her/im on how to present it (chorally, successively, solo, etc).
Shema/Echad/Gadlu #1
Song for Torah Procession- L'cha/Lach Adonai is traditional - you can choose something else if you prefer

*Torah Service Page 4: Torah reading & kavanot: will be done by those assigned by leyning coordinator.

Torah Service Page 5: Blessings on various occasions; not done every Shabbat.

*Torah Service Page 6:
A Prayer for Healing or Healing Circle, #1, text as chosen by leader.
Lifting and Tying the Sefer Torah #1

Torah Service Page 7: Blessing for the New Month

Torah Service Page 8: Haftarah Blessings only if designated for that Shabbat
Prayer for Peace optional

Torah Service Page 9:
Yehallelu/Hodo Al Eretz #1
Mizmor L'David #2
Eitz Chayim/Hashiveinu #1

Torah Service Page 10:
Opportunity to share good news #2 and
Kaddish D'Rabanan #2 (Al Yisrael paragraph done aloud).

By decision of the CDM , the Torah Service Leader continues with the
CONCLUDING SECTION (unless the Service leader requests someone to assist):
Aleynu (P#1)
Mourner's Kaddish (P#1 if minyan)
Concluding song - optional