Dear Friends,
New Year’s Greetings for 5775 from Nishmat Shalom, the East Bay’s Feminist Minyan. During
these High Holy Days, we want to acknowledge that your participation is what sustains our
community. We look forward to having you to join us in prayer, study, celebration, community
service ... and in the shmoozing, planning and shlepping it takes to make it all happen.  
Please consider making a financial contribution. Our volunteer-led organization has a modest
budget, and we rely on your donations to cover expenses for childcare, mailings and publicity,
information technology, and occasional special projects.
Nishmat Shalom, now in our 23rd year, is one of only three chavurot in the United States
committed to using gender-balanced Hebrew. We celebrate Shabbat with monthly Saturday
morning services in members’ homes. Afterwards, we share a potluck lunch, often followed by a
study session or discussion. Our services feature both feminine and masculine Hebrew, lots of
singing, and the opportunity for individuals to find their own connections to Torah. We provide
professional childcare at many of our events so families with children can participate fully.  
Every year, we celebrate milestones, sponsor holiday events, teach and learn together, connect
with the larger Jewish community, engage in tzedakah, and support each other through good
times and challenges.  
During this coming year, we especially look forward to enriching our services with new liturgy,
welcoming new and returning teachers for Shabbat afternoons, and continuing to provide a
community where prayer in any gender is welcome.
We encourage everyone to participate, whether you join us often or once in a while. Please visit for a current calendar. If you are not already on our email list, we encourage
you to join to receive updates. Please email your name, email address and street address to  

We also hope you will send a donation —whether you come regularly, occasionally or rarely—
to support the East Bay's feminist minyan. Every gift matters. Please contribute $18 -- or more,
as your means allow -- and mail your check in an envelope to Nishmat Shalom, 2415
Grant Street, Berkeley, CA 94703. If you have not donated in over a year, please consider an
extra gift. Donations to Nishmat Shalom are tax deductible to the extent provided by law as
described in IRS Publication 1828, based on our status as a small religious group.  
We look forward to seeing you soon at a Nishmat Shalom event and appreciate your support.
Shanah Tovah. May you and your loved ones have a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!

Alex, Alice, Carol, Claire, Debbie, Ed, Emily, Ethel, Hanna, Judy, Lea, Max, Schmuel, Raja
                                                            --On behalf of Nishmat Shalom