What is meaningful to us about Nishmat Shalom?

A number of people shared their thoughts about what is meaningful and special about our havurah, Nishmat Shalom, in honor of our 18th anniversary. Thanks very much to those who shared their thoughts:


Nishmat Shalom is a warm, welcoming community where everyone is important, respected and helped, when need arises. It is also a community that cares for the broader Jewish community and the wider world. It really is special;



Nishmat Shalom is special to me because it's where I can daven openly in the feminine. Having a group that supports praying in gender-inclusive Hebrew helps me handle the other three Shabbatot each month. Our discussions and collective learning are extraordinary.



Nishmat Shalom has given me extraordinary opportunities:  to learn/daven in feminine Hebrew; to read from and feel close to our sefer Torah; to participate in a community decision process that really works by consensus; and, most of all, to be in community with a wonderful mix of people -- such talented and scholarly company to keep!



I’ve enjoyed seeing smiling, welcoming faces and sharing lovely Shabbat lunches together with the Nishmat Shalom community. Being in the company of others who are attempting to get in touch with God and themselves helps me do the same. I have especially fond memories of hearing the Torah chanted in a Sukkah, surrounded by the beauty of a Northern California autumn. I’ve also appreciated events such as hot springs retreats and camping trips where we celebrate Shabbat outdoors among trees.



...Nishmat Shalom is meaningful to me because it is a warm, inviting community where I can pray in feminine as well as masculine G-d language and not feel out of place...I feel at home with the community members, who are inviting and fun as well as educated...I have learned a great deal while at Nishmat Shalom...

....I have many fond memories of hanging out at people's homes into the Shabbat day for conversation, learning and socializing....I have loved the Annual Nishmat Hot Springs trips, where we davven in the outdoors and soak together in the afternoon....
...Be Seeing You...Raja...


Nishmat Shalom is meaningful to me as it is a place where I find community imbedded in Jewish prayer and wisdom.

Our services and discussions bring forth the depth of studying Torah with a group of intelligent and committed folks. It is a honor to be called to the Torah in this personal and intimate setting.

Humor is an added plus to our discussions bringing in Jewish culture and connection. Our Chevra is a place where all are welcomed with open arms and there is joy at seeing familiar and new faces.

Nishmat Shalom is what its name portrays.........a Jewish home where the Soul can find peace and people find each other.



Nishmat Shalom is special because it's a chavurah and people remember you.  People ask you're doing.  With the exception of the rabbi, people don't notice me at the synagogue I go to in Carmichael. A chavurah is special. Even though it's far to Nishmat Shalom, I come when I can because Nishmat Shalom is special.

Nishmat Shalom is special.